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Gold Plated Jewellery



Hypoallergenic and Durable

Our gold-plated jewelry online is made from surgical grade stainless steel – it is safe for sensitive skin. With our hypoallergenic jewellery, you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or allergies. For those who love gold’s timeless charm, we offer a curated selection of sterling silver pieces coated with high-quality gold plating.

Waterproof Collection

The prime feature of our 18 carat gold-plated jewellery collection is its waterproof element. Women on the go will find these pieces quite handy because they can be used on an everyday basis for a long period without getting damaged.

From morning workouts to fancy dinners or late-night meetings, you can wear our elegant pieces without any worry. Come rain or shine, these elegant pieces stay as beautiful as the day you buy them.

When selecting jewellery for everyday wear, consider the metal and plating. Surgical-grade stainless steel is perfect for frequent use due to its durability and resistance to tarnish. Sterling silver, especially when gold-plated, offers a touch of luxury. Our gold-plated jewellery online collection at Inaya Accessories ensures you enjoy the look of gold without the hefty price tag or the headache of tireless maintenance.

Choose From A Premium Collection That Turns Heads

While choosing jewellery, make sure it suits your everyday purpose, reflects your personality, and flatters your features (like face type and skin tone). The right jewellery not only elevates your look but also makes you confident and classy.

Try these tips for choosing your perfect jewellery:

Casual Wear: For everyday casual outfits, opt for minimalist pieces. You can choose stud earrings, chic bracelets, or simple chain necklaces from our waterproof 18-carat gold-plated jewellery collection at Inaya Accessories.

Work Attire: For work wear, choose subtle yet sophisticated pieces like sleek bracelets, elegant drop earrings, or small rings. Choose from our chic gold-plated jewellery online collection to enhance your professional outfits without being too flashy.

Evening Events: For more formal events, go for statement pieces that say “rizz.” You can choose bold necklaces or intricate earrings from our stunning 18-carat gold-plated jewellery collection. Try sterling silver jewellery with gold plating to add a glamorous touch to party dresses or evening gowns.